Exploring Tech and Security: Hello, I'm Erick Bustillo, an IT and Cybersecurity enthusiast with a passion for turning complexity into solutions. I thrive on hands-on experiences that bridge the gap between technology and real-world challenges.

Background and Education: With a background in Information Technology from Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador, and ongoing enrollment in the Cybersecurity Analytics Program at Flatiron School, I'm on a journey to master the dynamic realm of tech.

Amazon Experience: Currently a Transportation Associate at Amazon, I orchestrate seamless operations, ensuring trailers arrive and depart on time, flawlessly. My adherence to safety protocols, compliance with regulations, and proficiency in vehicle operation contribute to Amazon's success.

Warehouse Wisdom: From my role as a Warehouse Associate at Amazon, I've honed skills in order fulfillment, inventory management, and warehouse optimization. By meticulously inspecting shipments, safely operating equipment, and fostering a clean environment, I've proven my commitment to quality and efficiency.

Technical Proficiency: Proficient in SIEM implementation, network analysis, and server management, I navigate tools like Nmap, Wireshark, and Splunk to optimize network performance and bolster security. Web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is another creative outlet I cherish.

Projects and Exploration: My projects span from Cybersecurity Training on TryHackMe, earning a "Top 10%" rank, to crafting personal websites showcasing my skills and passions.

Language Skills: I'm bilingual in English and Spanish, facilitating effective communication across diverse teams.

Intrigued by the endless possibilities that tech offers, I'm on a quest to embrace challenges, cultivate skills, and drive innovation. Join me as I explore, experiment, and elevate the world of IT and Cybersecurity.




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